Give Cell Signals a Boost

The Drive 4G-X RV by weBoost

Can you hear me now? If not, you may need a cellular signal booster in your motorhome. The Drive 4G-X RV cellular signal booster from weBoost is specifically designed for RV use in remote areas. The Drive 4G-X RV boosts voice and data with the maximum FCC-allowed 50-dB system gain, enhancing 4G LTE, as well as 3G network cell signals, up to 32 times, according to the company. The booster is designed to be compatible with all cellular carriers and boosts cellular signals for multiple users, so everyone can stay connected while traveling. The Drive 4G-X RV comes with a full kit and simple instructions so RVers can easily install the booster and instantly get connected. The kit includes the booster, an omni-directional antenna, desktop antenna, wall power supply and cables. MSRP: $499.99.

More Information

weBoost, a division of Wilson Electronics | 866-294-1660



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