Gimme a Boost!

Weboost - Booster Kit


Nobody took those old “Can you hear me now?” commercials to heart more than RVers and other outdoor adventurers, whose pursuits often take them off the grid and into the heart of “poor signal” country on their cellphones. The new weBoost RV 4G is a signal booster designed to amplify existing cellular transmissions, meaning that even if the signal at the campsite is weak or spotty, users within range of the weBoost can enjoy enhanced speeds for data, music, movies, etc.

The weBoost RV 4G works across all U.S. and Canadian carriers and is designed to provide a boost in voice, data and 4G LTE signal for all cellphones and data devices, including tablets, laptops and mobile hot spots. Included are a 120-volt AC wall adapter and/or 12-volt DC cigarette lighter adapter and hardwire. The reversible suction cup mount allows for easy installation and orientation of the outside antenna on the exterior of the motorhome. MSRP: $399.

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