Gimme a Boost

Wilson Electronics announces the weBoost Connect RV 65, a cellular signal booster designed to provide a solid signal while your motorhome is in camp. The Connect RV 65 is compatible with all wireless carriers in the U.S. and Canada, providing RVers with strong call quality, fewer dead zones and faster data upload/download speeds, according to the company. The Connect RV 65 utilizes an omnidirectional antenna on a 25-foot telescoping pole mounted to the motorhome’s exterior to receive signals from nearby cellular towers. Connect RV 65 comes complete with the amplifier, antenna, telescoping pole and mount assembly, inside panel antenna, low-loss RGB coaxial cables, an adapter and a power supply. MSRP: $689.99.

weBoost | 866-294-1660



  1. The gps systems are good, but I have found a truckers truck route atlas is far better and costs about thirty dollars. It highlights all truck approved routes and under pass restrictions.I have not had any problems with them getting me down a restricted area


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