Get a Handle On It

Screen Door Handle

There are some things that are common to all RVs, and a flimsy screen door is one of them. They can be cumbersome to open and close, and years of slamming to keep them latched can warp the frame. Camco Manufacturing offers a simple and very effective solution to these problems with its new screen door cross bar. It provides a sturdy feel to the door, and helps protect the screen to boot. The silver push bar extends from 21-1/4 to 28-5/8 inches to fit all RV doorways, and the product is easily installed with the included hardware. Available for around $12 at Camping World.

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  1. Your article on the screen door could not be more accurate. The screen door in our TREK did exactly what you described. The only screen door I rated as exceptional is the one Advanced RV installs on their Ocean One class B motor home. It IS a screen door designed to work. Advanced RV pays attention to every detail of their coach to make certain it works not only when you first buy their unit but as well down the road.


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