Flex Charging

USB LED Reading Light with Flex Neck and Night Light

Seems like we’re always looking for an open outlet to charge our phones or tablets. SalVinCo introduces a way to charge an electronic device and offer a versatile reading light with the USB LED Reading Light with Flex Neck and Night Light. And while that may seem like a mouthful, the design is simple yet efficient. A flexible tube neck allows for multi-directional focus with even lighting from an acrylic lens, while the built-in night light offers subtle blue or white LED lighting. The fixture operates with soft-touch switch function, which allows for easy control of night light only, reading light and night light, or both lights off. The compact satin-nickel metal fixture comes with hardware and a decorative cover plate. Light output is 160 lumens, using only 2 watts. USB port is rated at 5 volts, 2.1 amps, and is suitable for most USB devices. MSRP: $59.

SalVinCo LLC | 941-378-9727 | www.salvinco.com



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