Eco-Smart Free & Clear: Goodbye to Dye

Eco-Smart Free & Clear holding tank deodorant

Eco-Smart Free & Clear holding tank deodorant is the latest addition to Thetford’s line of products for those sensitive to dye and perfume. Developed by Thetford’s chemistry staff, Free & Clear does not contain fragrance or dye and is designed specifically for RV holding tanks. The product provides odor control and waste digestion, is formaldehyde free and is 100 percent biodegradable, according to the company. The liquid deodorant is available in 36- and 64-ounce bottles with an easy-to-use, integrated dosage device. Find this product at Camping World stores and online at

The 36-ounce bottle retails for $13.99 and the 64-ounce bottle for $23.99.

Thetford Corp., 800-543-1219,


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