Easy Tire Inflation

2 Way Air


The 2Way Air central inflation system by Rock Smasher Engineering allows simultaneous inflation/deflation of all tires on the motorhome and/or dinghy vehicle via a patent-pending manifold and valve system. The core components consist of 3/8-inch polyurethane manifold tubing, which is routed to one custom-designed brass Schrader inflation valve at each corner of the vehicle. To inflate the tires, simply attach the quick-connect ¼-inch whips to the valve stems and brass inflation valves and inflate all tires at once using the manifold’s central inflation point; they can be deflated via the system’s ball-valve assembly. Universal in
application and modular in design, the 2Way Air system uses all push-to-connect fittings and is available in master
kits for four, six or eight tires. Many options are available.

MSRP: $199.95-$399.95.
2Way Air | 702-981-6081 | www.2wayair.com



  1. I would like to comment on Road Master, I had an Even Brake system that I had sent in to have it repaired for the 3rd time, along with a not so nice letter, I was contacted with in 24 hours of them receiving the even brake for repair. Graham from customer service called me and said we want to replace for you your system with the Brake Master 9160 for free and we will include the plate for your Honda CR-V. I said great when I found out what several dealers including Camping world wanted I had second thoughts, Next thing I know Graham found me a mobile RV repairman who was 50% less to install and he came to me. I will say Doug from Las Vegas mobile RV repair was outstanding he had it all done in less than 2 hours and everything worked perfectly. That is what I call customer service. This is by far the best Breaking system. Thank You Graham and Road Master for the best customer service I have ever had.


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