Dual-Zone Dometic

Dometic - Cooler

Dometic has introduced the CFX-75DZW dual-zone capacity portable cooler that can be controlled via a smart device.

With an overall capacity of 80 quarts, the CFX-75DZW provides enough space to fit up to 113 cans of your favorite beverage. The cooler is outfitted with two separate thermostats, meaning it can be utilized as a freezer, refrigerator or both. Temperatures can be set as low as a deep-freezing minus 7 degrees and up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The CFX-75DZW includes an intelligent automatic turbo cooler for fast initial cool down and temperature memory function for added convenience. The unit has been designed to provide enhanced quiet cooling performance regardless of ambient temperature, and has been fitted with reinforced corners, stainless-steel hinges and a robust lid lining for effective portable performance. MSRP $999.99.

Dometic | 800-366-3842 | www.dometic.com



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