DISH Playmaker: Light, Small and Portable

DISH Playmaker satellite antenna



Whether you’re trying to watch the big game, the local news or your favorite movie, a satellite antenna is usually far more reliable than the campground’s cable connection. But how to receive that signal? DISH has teamed up with Winegard to present the Playmaker. The DISH Playmaker satellite antenna is designed for permanent and portable use. Built of military-grade alloy for maximum durability, and measuring only 16 inches in diameter, 13 inches tall and weighing a mere 7 pounds, the antenna is easy to transport and set up anywhere at the campsite. The Playmaker is compatible with Pay-As-You-Go programming and can be added to your existing DISH subscription for a little as $7 per month (a receiver is required). Playmaker bundles start at $348, plus programming fees.



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