DirtGuard: The CLEAR2O Sediment Prefilter

Most motorhome owners employ some type of inline prefilter for the campground’s water hookup and though these filters work well on chemical contaminants like chlorine, large particulate materials can seriously clog them and reduce their effectiveness. CLEAR2O now offers the DirtGuard Sediment Prefilter. DirtGuard is designed to remove large particulate matter so that the carbon filter can handle the smaller particles it was meant to capture. DirtGuard is compatible with multiple inline water filter brands and features a rigid 20-micron filter made of high-density polyethylene. DirtGuard’s design “nests” the carbon filter inside the prefilter for a clean installation. DirtGuard fits most inline RV water-filter brands that fit to a standard water hose and can be backwashed to remove any loose sediment, helping improve flow in high-sediment areas, according to the company. Available late spring. MSRP: $34.99 (includes filter, wrench and hose).

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