Burnie Grill

Burnie grill

Looking for a classic campfire experience without the hassle of buying and hauling bulky wood that takes up precious cargo space? The Burnie Grill is a 100% natural, all-wood burning single-use portable cooking setup that also offers a wood fire for chilly evenings. Burnie “stumps” work by mimicking an ancient Nordic technique for slowly burning large tree stumps. Each medium-size easy-to-light Alder stump offers a cook time of up to 1½ hours, while a large stump provides 2½ hours cooking time, according to the company. The entire stump burns so there’s no waste left behind. The Essential Burnie Grill Set (MSRP: $49.99) includes a collapsible grill set and three medium Burnie stumps. Additional Burnies are available for separate purchase (MSRP: $9.99 for a medium, $11.99 for a large), making it a convenient alternative to purchasing wood, lighter fluid, charcoal briquettes, etc.



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