Bring Your Toys Along for the Ride

Cruiserlift RV motorcycle transport system
Cruiserlift RV motorcycle transport system.

Fastmaster Products has two solutions for motorhome owners who want to haul their toys.

Cruiserlift from Fast Master Products
Cruiserlift from Fast Master Products.

The Cruiserlift RV motorcycle transport system, designed for adequately rated diesel-pusher motorhomes (and some Class A gas-powered motorhomes), features a motorcycle weight capacity of 1,000 pounds and allows provisions to dinghy-tow up to a 6,000-pound vehicle when properly equipped, according to the manufacturer. A 2,500-pound-rated winch with handheld remote lifts the motorcycle into place 40 inches above the ground to help avoid potentially damaging incidents on uneven roads or driveways. And integrated lighting aids in safety/visibility. MSRP for the Cruiserlift is $3,340.

SwivelWheel Tandem Tow Dolly
SwivelWheel Tandem Tow Dolly.

Another option is the company’s SwivelWheel-DW58 Tandem Tow Dolly. The SwivelWheel is compatible with all properly rated motorhomes that are equipped with a minimum of a Class III hitch. SwivelWheel utilizes a caster wheel system for smooth towing, while the platform is rated at 1,200 pounds. Dinghy towing a vehicle up to 6,000 pounds is also possible when properly equipped, according to Fastmaster. The company’s website includes information for checking compatibility with your particular motorhome. MSRP: $4,195.

SwivelWheel Tow Dolly
SwivelWheel Tow Dolly from Fastmaster Products.

Optional accessories for both systems are available.

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