Battery of Skills: REDARC Manager30

Redarc BMS1230S2 main unit with remote lithium solar ready web

Australia-based REDARC Electronics has launched The Manager30 battery-management system. The system, which has been available Down Under since 2014, is designed to charge and maintain auxiliary batteries by incorporating AC-, DC- and solar-power inputs, making it suitable for motorhome owners when camping off-grid or while plugged in to shorepower. REDARC claims that one of the key features of the 30-amp The Manager30 is its ability to power share, meaning it can charge an auxiliary battery from multiple power sources simultaneously. REDARC adds: “And, with ‘Green Power Priority,’ if solar is available it will charge using the maximum available solar power before topping up from another power source.” The system is compatible with lead-acid, gel, calcium, AGM or lithium iron phosphate batteries. The Manager30 also includes a remote battery monitor and a load-disconnect controller. MSRP: $1,193.99.

REDARC | 704-247-5150



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