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Conetek Heavy duty Amp RV Power Cord

Fifty-amp service is common on today’s motorhomes, and the heavy cable can be hard to handle. Conntek’s new 50-amp RV cord is designed to be easier to grab, lock and remove at both ends. The connector’s 45-degree angle not only allows the inlet hatch to close more completely, it also offers a measure of strain relief, reducing the chance of damage to the cord or inlet. Meanwhile, the plug side features Conntek’s Ergo Grip, with the handle and prongs positioned at a right angle to the cord, increasing leverage and reducing hand fatigue. Finally, two blue LEDs illuminate to let you know when the power is on.

This new cord, part number 15455-LA1, has an MSRP of $194.99.

Conntek | 414-482-0800 |



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