A Bright Idea

Light over sink in RV with blinds in backdrop

Cabin Bright has introduced a line of LED lighting products designed to replace existing 12-volt DC fluorescent tubes without harming the fixture wiring. In addition to brighter light, LEDs have a lower current draw, and the company says the installation takes roughly five to 10 minutes using just a screwdriver and a pair of wire cutters. Cabin Bright offers products to fit 12- or 18-inch fixtures with double or single tubes, switched or not. Twelve-inch fixtures come in four- and six-module versions, the latter of which can produce up to 50 percent more light than the existing fluorescent, according to the company. The 18-inch products for single and double tube fixtures come in five-, eight- and 10-module versions and can provide up to 20 percent more light than existing tubes. Prices range from $32 to $65.

Cabin Bright | 513-899-9152 | www.cabinbright.com


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