Thetford ComfortMate Toilet

Combining the comforts of home-like styling with simple installation,
Thetford Corporation offers its attractive ComfortMate Toilet. With a
residential-sized seat and a compact footprint, this toilet effortlessly
fits into the tightest of spaces on recreational vehicles.

To facilitate quicker and trouble-free installations, ComfortMate’s
vitreous, white china bowl and base are shipped already assembled.
Available in manual or electric versions, it easily adapts for right- or
left-handed arrangement of its manual pump or convenient pushbutton
control, offering installation flexibility.

Providing more than just convenient assembly and installation,
Thetford’s ComfortMate offers a striking, just-like-home look. Its
easy-to-grip handle helps prevent hand nicks and is a breeze to clean.
With robust full-flush coverage, its powerful nozzle flush evacuates the
bowl with fewer pump strokes than other toilets.

Thetford, (800) 543-1219 or (734) 769-6000.


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