Tested: Rain-X Cleaning and Treatment Products

Rain-X Cleaning products

Bad weather always makes driving more difficult; restricted vision through the windshield is a safety hazard and interior fogging can make motorhome drivers swear at the defrosters, which are often undersized for the expanse of glass.

To the rescue is longtime automotive aftermarket supplier Rain-X, with an arsenal of supplies ready to do battle against impaired windshield visibility. We tested four of the company’s window cleansing and fog prevention products. We first revisited Rain-X’s Interior Glass Anti-Fog window treatment, a product that addresses the problem for which it’s named. Then we tried out a new product from Rain-X, 2-in-1 Foaming Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent, again designed to tackle the obvious. While we were at it, we sprayed the exterior side of the windshield with Rain-X’s original treatment after a super cleaning with its new X-treme Clean glass and plastic cleaner (12-ounce squeeze bottle sells for $6.99). X-treme Clean does an amazing job of cleaning, but it takes quite a bit of rubbing to remove the haze.

Application of Rain-X’s Interior Glass Anti-Fog treatment is uncomplicated. Once the inside windows have been properly cleaned, using a 100-percent cotton cloth or paper towels, just add a squirt or two and wipe until the area has been covered. The Anti-Fog should dry clear. If it leaves a haze, sprinkle the window with a little water and wipe again with a dry towel until it’s clear and shiny.

Anti-Fog’s performance was as expected. While it did work, it did not completely stop the fog from building up over time. However, if applied correctly, it does greatly reduce the extent of fogging and significantly shortens the time needed for the defroster to work. For $3.50 (3.5-ounce bottle) and a little bit of elbow grease, the results are well worth the cost.

Rain-X’s 2-in-1 Foaming Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent (we’ll just call it 2-in-1) comes in an 18-ounce aerosol can ($4.99) and foams up as it’s applied to the windows. Grab a roll of good quality paper towels, spray the window with a layer of 2-in-1 and vigorously wipe until the window is crystal clear and the towels no longer pick up dirt. For the best results, use a microfiber towel to polish.

2-in-1 does a good job of cleaning the windows and its ability to repel water is impressive. The 2-in-1 treatment eliminated all wiper-induced streaking, providing a smoother and cleaner surface for the blades. The company’s original product for exterior glass does an even better job of repelling water ($7 for a 16-ounce spray bottle), but isn’t designed for cleaning. Once bug season returns we’ll see if the company’s claims of making the windshield surface slicker (so bugs can be removed easier) are accurate. The instructions for all Rain-X products must be followed explicitly.

For more information, call 800-237-8645, or go online to www.rainx.com.


  1. I tried rain x and it works okay. It doesn’t last very long though. I recently bought this stuff called Water Armour (www.waterarmour.ca) it works so much better and lasts for like a year! You can use it on the windows and the body as well. Helps keep it clean. Fantastic product and I would recommend it for sure! It also lasts for like a year.

  2. James, I have visited around a dozen websites after using a search engine to find reviews on the Rain-X product. Firstly to see if it was still available and secondly to see if it had been superseded by an improved product. What i have found with alarming regularity is the same comment (almost word-for-word) from you where you slate the rain-x and promote this waterarmour product.

    Now, in my opinion at least, what you are doing is misleading and goes against the reason why review sites are around in the first place: to provide an honest impartial “warts and all” review. To be honest, I have no idea whether the product you appear to be endorsing is any good at all, maybe it is. But for goodness sake; do the proper thing…..send samples out to the car magazines, stockists and review sites and let them pitch it up against your competitors. If it’s any good, it will sell itself and save you from trolling around the net posting your bogus comments.

    I’m off to try to find myself a proper review!

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