Swagman’s Collapsible Bike Rack

If your favorite dinghy is mechanically motivated and comes with just two wheels, you might
be interested to learn that the folks at Swagman now offer a collapsible rack they claim is
capable of toting the widest variety of bicycle frames in its class — without the hassle
of removing wheels. The Cross Country XC Bike Rail Rack can accommodate frame sizes ranging
from a BMX racer to adult cruiser-style rides simply by adjusting the wheel hoops, while
the unit’s frame-grip arms have a soft coating to protect the bikes’ finish. The XC is
designed to slide into a standard 2-inch receiver and carries one or two bikes; a second
module allows for transporting four bikes when using a Class 3 hitch. When not in use, the
XC easily folds up for storage on or off the vehicle.

Swagman, (800) 469-7924, swagman.net.


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