Soaking Up Signals With Dome Magic

If your motorhome is equipped with a satellite antenna for receiving
broadcast signals, you’re familiar with the term “line of sight.” This
means that for optimum TV viewing, you need to provide an unobstructed
view between your antenna and the satellite in the sky.

Did you know, however, that water can affect reception even
more than a tree branch? Moisture — be it rain, cloud cover or even
just an accumulation of morning dew — can cause your satellite picture
to freeze, pixellate or go out altogether. King Controls has developed a
solution that it claims is capable of shedding water from the dome
surface without it leaving behind its own trail of water.

Without getting too scientific, Dome Magic is said to cause the
water droplets to “ball up,” and roll off the dome. Normally, water
drops have a flat bottom; as they slide down a surface, they leave a
water trail that continues to impact signal reception. Changing the
shape of the droplet significantly reduces its contact with the dome
surface — and likewise reduces the amount of water trail left behind.
Available as a spray or single-use wipes.

King Controls, (800) 982-9920,


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