RV Innovation’s RV Duramat

RV Duramat StepsCarpet and strips are often used to help prevent a fall on the stairs of RVs, but if these
skid-proof runners are not fastened down well enough, they could easily cause more
accidents than they prevent. RV Innovations offers a new a product called RV Duramat that
covers the entire surface of each step with a non-slip corrugated rubber.


According to the company, it’s easy to install in just three simple
steps: 1) Remove existing non-slip tape from step; 2) Clean surface with
alcohol; and 3) Remove paper backing from Duramat and place it on step.
The weather-resistant corrugated rubber mat fits electric steps with a
simple peal-and-stick design and can be cut to size for manual steps. RV
Duramat has a lifetime guarantee and an msrp of $19.95.

For more information, call (800) 815-2159 or visit RVInnocations.com.


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