Riding the Bone-ster

If you’re one of those DIY types who likes wrenching on their own
vehicles, you’ve probably dragged your back across a puddle of oil once
or twice. When it comes to motorhome maintenance, however, you may need
to scoot along on something besides your shoulder blades. The new
Bone-ster mechanic’s creeper incorporates the same dog-bone shape as the
original Bone – in a smaller, more affordable version.

Like its bigger brethren, the Bone-ster is designed of
engineering-grade co-polymer that’s claimed to be easy to clean and
resistant to gasoline, oil and most solvents. It also employs the same
one-piece, low-profile shape and 3-inch-diameter wheels (with
oil-impregnated metal center bearings and 7/8-inch wide TPE tires) that
are guaranteed for as long as you own the creeper. Where it differs is
in size: The 43 x 233/8-inch Bone-ster weighs in at just 16 pounds. With
a 300-pound capacity, however, it accommodates even big- and-tall

Pegasus Products Company, (800) 226-3321, bonecreeper.com.


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