Rack ‘Em Up(2)

1018621_hellwig_fast_rack.jpgThe advent of “garage” floorplans has solved one big problem for
motorhome enthusiasts who like to travel with motorized toys but without
the added drag of a trailer. Sharing your chassis with other
recreational toys is one matter; securing them, however, is another.

If your toy has tires, Hellwig Products Company has an
adjustable rack to keep them in place. FastRack is installed with a
drill, 1-inch hole saw and a few sockets, wrenches and screwdrivers, and
its patent-pending, floor plate-mounting system allows it to be removed
when not in use or when living space is at a premium. Each
powder-coated rack is said to accommodate more than one vehicle, and
multiple adjustment points accept different size tires. Multiple
tie-down points also allow for quick securing of motorcycles and ATVs
(one set of tie-downs is included). The basic FastRack is 36 inches wide
and is said capable of securing two motorcycles and an ATV; other kits
range from 48 to 72 inches.

Hellwig Products Company, (800) 435-5944, www.fastracksystem.com.



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