Walking with your dog is a great way to get exercise, but it can be
tough to keep pets focused on the walk itself — there’s always one more
tree to explore. And don’t even try to put a leash on a cat.

The Pet-Stroller-4-RVs offers motorhomers traveling with
four-legged companions a fun way of taking a pet outdoors. Manufactured
by Kittywalk Systems, the pet stroller features a high-quality stroller
with a safety brake to keep it from rolling away when visiting with
friends. The carrier/stroller bed is removable, allowing you to get Fido
comfortable in his open-air enclosure even before you set foot outside.
The pet stroller is available in two sizes, capable of accommodating
pets up to 50 pounds; an optional all-weather gear package allows the
stroller to be used in virtually any weather.

Elegant MotorCoach, (541) 488-3121, elegantmotorcoach.


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