Norcold’s N1095 Refrigerator

OK, so maybe only Trekkies will recognize the opening line from Star
Trek. It’s just as relevant with RVers, however — but back on the third
rock from the sun, the problem is simply finding the stuff. And it’s
not a five-year mission, either; the hunt for usable space in a motorhome is neverending. Norcold has done its part, introducing a new refrigerator the company claims provides 27 percent greater interior space than the typical 7.5-cubic-foot model — without
increasing the recess/cutout dimension.

Essentially, the new N1095 offers RV enthusiasts 9.5 cubic feet
of space, the most available for its cutout, achieved through the use
of a special superinsulated cabinet. The premium refrigerator also
features an eye-level LED control panel with built-in diagnostics said
to simplify servicing and speed repairs. An adjustable thermostat allows
interior temperature to be set to individual preference. Available in
four versions (black, white, stainless-steel-wrapped doors or without
door panels), the N1095 comes with a three-year warranty.

Norcold Inc., (800) 543-1219,


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