Multi-Use Flex Strap

Paper clips, clothes hangers, pushpins — it doesn’t always take a big
dose of technology to create a product that proves indispensable. Only
time will tell whether or not the inexpensive Multi-Use Flex Strap
deserves inclusion in this list, but you can’t beat it for simplicity.

The strap consists of an 18-inch length of latex tubing, two
multidirectional hinge pins and a pair of suction cups. The pins slide
through specially designed nipples on the suction cups, then into either
end of the tubing; according to the manufacturer, once the mounting
surface is cleaned, the suction cups adhere indefinitely — securing all
manner of otherwise loose items inside cabinets, in the corners of
shower stalls, even tucked up against the inside wall of a refrigerator.

Creative Sales Company, (866) 869-8115,


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