Life+Gear Personal Safety Device

Life+Gear, developer of optimal emergency and disaster preparedness
products, has introduced a line of personal safety devices (PSD) that
feature multiple power options. These PSDs feature either tri power –
hand crank, AAA alkaline batteries or DC inlet with optional wall
adapter – or quad power – hand crank, AC, DC and battery – so that they
will operate no matter where you are or what you are doing, which make
them ideal to have in an emergency situation.

In addition to the multi-power solution, these PSDs are
designed with a range of useful features, including an emergency siren,
cell phone charger, NOAA emergency radio, AM/FM radio and an LED light
with three settings: flashlight, lantern and an emergency setting that
flashes alternating red and white lights while the emergency siren

The PSD is useful for any occasion, whether you are traveling
on vacation, hiking or camping, boondocking or in an emergency disaster
situation. It is available from Life+Gear in a variety of different
models with different feature combinations, with an msrp of $20 to $50,
depending on model, and can also be found at many commercial retailers

For more information: Life+Gear.


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