Ending the Boondocking Boondoggle

The image of taking the road less traveled has probably fueled more
motorhome sales than any other. Unfortunately, all too often that coach
winds up being tethered to an RV park’s hookups simply because you’re
afraid to run out of electrical power. Yamaha’s new EF3000iSEB power
supply is claimed to be powerful enough to run an RV’s 13,500-BTU air
conditioner, AC/DC converter and even the microwave – at the same time.
Plus, the unit’s proprietary Boost Technology automatically senses when
extra power is required and boosts output for up to 10 seconds, allowing
tools and appliances to start quickly. According to Yamaha, the added
increase in output makes the portable equal to a conventional 3,500-watt
AC generator.

Designed to operate quietly and in an environmentally sensitive
manner, the Yamaha features an acoustically engineered sound-reduction
system, Smart Throttle technology (that automatically adjusts engine
speed to match the load) and a Pulse-Width Modulation inverter system
that is said to produce a sine wave that’s as clean or cleaner than
available with household power to allow for the use of computers and
solid-state appliances.

Yamaha Motor Corporation, (800) 962-7926, yamaha-motor.com.


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