Eagle One Car Care Products

Eagle One has introduced two new products that take wheel care and car
washing to a new level. These products continue Eagle One’s reputation
for developing innovative appearance care products that provide great
results, easily. Keep Clean Wheel, developed with Eagle One’s
proprietary technology, provides a protective barrier against corrosive
brake dust and road grime to keep wheels clean and shiny for up to two

For the ultimate wheel care, use Eagle One’s A2Z All-Wheel & Tire
Cleaner to clean your wheels and tires. Follow up by spraying Keep
Clean on your rims for the ultimate protection from brake dust.

A second technological advancement is Easi-Dri Car Wash.
Developed with sheeting action technology, Easi-Dri saves time and
effort by sheeting the water off the finish of your car without hand
drying, leaving it clean and spot free.

MSRP for Keep Clean Wheel is $6.99; for Easi-Dri $5.99. Both are available at leading auto parts retailers.

For more information, visit Eagle One online or call (800) 432-4531. Eagle One online or call (800)


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