Cook-N-Dine Table

If you’re a fan of Benihana restaurants — Japanese-cuisine eateries where the meal is
cooked right at your table — you’ll love the Cook-N-Dine table. Available in five
different sizes, these unique round dining tables incorporate a center section crafted of
heavy-gauge food-grade stainless steel. When not in use, the top is flat — but as the cook
surface begins to heat, the center gently bows downward to keep all juices and cooking
liquids contained. The cooking temperature ranges from warm to 430 degrees F; a warming
ring just outside the cooking center maintains a temperature about half that of the cooking
center, while the outer perimeter — the dining surface — stays completely cold. All you
add is the food and an AC outlet. Plus, the table breaks down into three pieces for easy
storage when not in use.

Cook-N-Dine USA, (305) 865-0141,


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