Auto Meter’s Battery Extender

Motorhome storage is rough on the vehicle’s batteries in the best of times; during the
winter, it’s brutal. Improperly cared for, batteries succumb to premature failure. Auto
Meter’s new Battery Extender measures and supplies charge to any 12-volt lead-acid battery
(and is also compatible with gel-cell batteries). According to its manufacturer, the
Battery Extender provides a regulated 1-amp charge rate until full power is achieved, then
reduces amperage to maintain a full state of charge – preventing sulfation, the prime
culprit of battery failure. The unit can be mounted directly inside a battery-or-engine
compartment and attaches to the battery with supplied permanent ring-terminal connectors,
or can be used separate from the vehicle with clamp-end cables (also provided); an
automatic dead-battery warning alerts users to bad cells or a sulfated battery. An
automatic shut-down ensures safe operation.

Auto Meter Products Inc., (815) 895-8141,


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