Animal Alert – Emits both an alternating audible frequency

Most roadways slicing through nature’s wonders were laid with little
regard for how they impact the area’s four-legged residents — with
tragic results. If your plans take you through heavily wooded areas this
summer, you can lessen your chances of a man vs. beast encounter by
equipping your coach with an animal alert. Such devices work by emitting
sound waves at frequencies heard by animals, which run from the sound.
We’ve seen low-tech, wind-powered varieties sell for as little as a
couple of bucks — this powered unit can be found at

The company’s Animal Alert (Part No. 419812) emits both an
alternating audible frequency of 5kHz to alert large animals, and a
20kHz ultrasonic tone to disperse smaller critters (and pets); the
audible warning can be turned off, at the driver’s discretion. Capable
of being heard for up to 1,500 feet, the Animal Alert attaches behind
your vehicle’s grille (the company claims it will not clog with debris),
and gets power via two connectors routed to the engine battery


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