4-in-1 SafetyStick Device

The 4-in-1 SafetyStick Emergency Tool & Flashlight is a multi-faceted tool that can
provide important aid after a breakdown or accident, and can even help a motorist escape a
vehicle in an emergency.


The patented SafetyStick includes:


  • A strong-beamed flashlight that can be used for many purposes
  • Flashing red LED strobes alert oncoming motorists of an emergency situation
  • A handy seatbelt cutter that is sharp enough to slice through any seatbelt in
    seconds, yet is designed in a way to prevent any injury
  • A steel pointed hammer-like tip that is designed to shatter any window with just a
    tap to allow emergency exit through a window.
  • A magnetic bottom that allows a motorhome owner to attach the unit to a bumper to
    alert oncoming traffic.


The 4-in-1 SafetyStick sells for $18.95 and is available at www.safetybright.com.


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