EarthCruiser RVs: A Cruise of a Different Kind

EarthCruiser RV in desert

Adventure-seekers and those looking to go beyond the typical vacation now have an extreme RV option to consider. With the opening of an office in Bend, Ore., EarthCruiser, a popular Australian expedition vehicle company, has brought its all-terrain RV to the United States.

The EarthCruiser is a self-contained adventure RV built on the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 4×4 chassis and is capable of negotiating everything from long-distance desert crossings to frigid snow-covered terrain and miles of challenging rock-covered mountain trails. The goal of the U.S. office, according to the company, is to provide Americans with the opportunity to explore the country’s remote regions like never before.

The EarthCruiser is popular among wildlife photographers, hunters, rock climbers and other adventure-seekers, and is also used by international volunteers for delivering medical supplies to remote villages, teaching children and repairing endangered reefs. EarthCruiser models start at $195,000. For more information, visit


  1. Looked interesting. I mailed them to ask for the possibility of a test drive, for example by going to Australia en renting one for a few days. That was not possible; they replied these are normally sold through the internet only ?!
    Can that be for real ?!


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