Adventurous Launch

Interior of the Touring Series (TS) Adventurous

The new Touring Series (TS) Adventurous recently made its way into Roadtrek’s lineup of luxury Class B motorhomes. Though the Sprinter-based motorhome is sleek and modern on the outside, it’s the interior that the company is most proud of. Take a look around and you’ll find true granite countertops, LED-strip lighting with dimming control, a heated floor, built-in work station, induction cooktop, optional drawer-style microwave, an 11,500-Btu air conditioner and more. Exclusive to the TS Adventurous are the charcoal interior cabinets with subtle hints of gray throughout and chrome accents that lend an upscale look. The motorhome’s Coach-Connect system offers complete control over critical functions via a tablet interface, even when you’re away. Prices start around $122,000 for the U.S., $131,00 for Canada.

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