Texas’s Antique Rose Emporium

About a half-mile south of Independence, Texas, enjoy one of the world’s
largest antique rose gardens. Antique refers to classes of roses that
flourished before 1867, about the time a Frenchman introduced the first
hybrid tea rose.

Besides roses, there are lots of other charmers in the
Antique Rose Emporium, including lamb’s ears, salvia, verbena,
hollyhocks, German irises and Byzantine gladioli. Roses, though, are
emphasized. Even Teddy Roosevelt’s beloved boutonniere rose, the
Duchesse de Brabant, is here – as is, of course, the Yellow Rose of

The focal point of the garden is the unusual terra-cotta pot
arch, designed and built by manager Lynn Smith. The eight-acre
“florascape” is located on Highway 50; for directions and details, call
(800) 441-0002, or visit weareroses.com.


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