Providence Canyon: Georgia’s “Little Grand Canyon”

Providence Canyon State Park

Nicknamed Georgia’s “Little Grand Canyon,” Providence Canyon in Lumpkin is a constantly evolving canvas. Ongoing erosion manipulates the soft Georgia clay, continuing a process that began in the 1800s when poor farming practices resulted in furrows that deepened over several decades into gullies, ravines and canyons. Today, visitors to this west central state park stand in awe of the soil and rock formations dressed in orange, red, pink, purple and tan hues. Mineral-tinted water trickles along the deepest canyon floors, and hikers can embark on three miles of trails or tackle the seven-mile backcountry trail. With virtually no light pollution, Providence Canyon is an ideal location for stargazing, and the park regularly hosts astronomy activities.

Providence Canyon doesn’t offer camping, but nearby Florence Marina State Park has 43 sites with full hookups.
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