Crossroads: Ken’s Hatchery and Fish Farms Inc

Thirty years of hard work has finally paid off. Ken Holyoak has turned a dream that many
said was impossible into reality. At Ken’s Hatchery and Fish Farms Inc., near Alapaha,
Georgia, Ken has bred a bream, or sunfish, that has broken world records. Called the
Georgia Giant Hybrid Bream, the fish that broke the world record was caught November 6,
1999, in a small pond in Douglas, Georgia. The whopper was 15 inches long and weighed 5
pounds, 14 ounces more than the previous world-record bluegill bream.


According to Ken,
this is the only man-bred and hatchery-reproduced world-record fish, and it is the only
world-record fish from which there is still a continuous bloodline to produce offspring.
Ken registered his bream in the U.S. patent office 30 years ago and says he is the only
producer of this fish in the world. The Georgia Giant can grow up to 10 inches long in 12
months, and anyone can catch one. Ken will be glad to provide further details. Call him at
(912) 532-6135, or visit his Web site:


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