Colorado’s Glenwood Springs

1477693_gg_GlenwoodSprings_250.jpgFans of Western movies should instantly recognize the name Doc Holliday,
and most likely know that he retired to Glenwood Springs, Colorado,
“for the curative environment.” After years of gambling, gun fighting
and drinking, the one-time dentist and long-time friend of Wyatt Earp
succumbed to tuberculosis in the mountain getaway, despite its healthy
springs. Today’s visitors to Glenwood Springs can soak up not only the
warm, mineral-rich waters but also the splendid scenery, year-round
activities, Western heritage and varied cuisine.


Located approximately 150 miles west of Denver, surrounded by the Rocky
Mountains and White River National Forest, this lush valley attracts
visitors from around the world, and rolls out the red carpet for RVers.
Although the Roaring Fork Valley sits at about 5,700 feet above sea
level, the weather offers low humidity and relatively mild winters, with
September and October the most appealing time to visit.

Adventurers will discover thrills above and below the ground in
this seemingly quiet town, known as the “Spa in the Rockies” as far
back as 1890. World-class hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, skiing and
horseback riding beckon over hill and dale, while Glenwood Caverns
Adventure Park invites guests underground to view a series of awesome
caves featuring unusual formations, a natural five-story room and
flowing hot mineral waters.


Of course, the major draw of Glenwood Springs from the days of Doc
Holliday has been and remains the waters. Called “Yampah” (big medicine)
by the Ute Indians, the hot mineral springs were claimed by Captain
Richard Sopris in 1860; he capitalized on the dozens of natural hot
pools, which soothed the tired muscles of the area’s miners. Soon,
cabins and hotels sprung up, and a more elite clientele discovered
Glenwood Springs.

Wherever today’s travelers choose to stay, they all eventually
migrate to the heart of the town, Hot Springs Lodge & Pool, boasting
the largest hot springs pool in the world. Spanning more than two city
blocks, the pool is fed by a spring, which is heated by volcanic
activity below the ground; the water is maintained at 90-92 degrees F,
and at 104 degrees F in the smaller therapy pool. Day or evening
admission is available, and designated RV parking is offered.

For more information:

Glenwood Springs Calendar of Events

June-July: Summer of Jazz

August: Garfield County Fair

September: Fall Art Festival

November: Holiday Lighting Ceremony

December: New Year’s Eve at Hot Springs Pool


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