Our Must-Have Necessities for Full-Time RV Living

Red Honda generator inside RV cubby

Full-time RV living is amazing in so many ways. However, there is no denying that you sacrifice a lot when you have limited space. We still remove stuff from the RV on a regular basis, and we definitely don’t rush purchases. We knew this going into it and like living simply. What do you use most in your RV? It’s easiest to look into your current daily routine and start wrapping your mind around what is important to you. We came up with a list of 10 things that we use on a regular basis that make life on the road much easier.

The first two items revolve around our favorite pastime. Cooking is big in our rig so we knew we were going to need a solid chance at a good meal to stay happy. Our cast-iron pan is our most used item in the kitchen. It is versatile in both what can be cooked in it, as well as heat sources that can be used with it. Plus it is said that the best steak can be made in cast iron. We also wanted another versatile tool in our kitchen and, after doing some research, landed on a Dutch oven. It can be used for simple tasks like boiling water, or the ability to bake bread, make enchiladas and so much more.

Dutch oven and cast iron pan on stovePower is a must for us. We have several devices that need to stay charged for work. So our next two items are geared toward keeping our stuff charged and ready for use. We purchased a Honda generator for our power when camping off the grid.

Red Honda generator inside RV cubbyIt is reliable, quiet and easy to use. While that is running to the outlets, we use one of them to charge our portable power source. There are several options out there depending on budget. They are useful to plug your phone in at night when you no longer want to run the generator. Ours is a Jackery and we like it because it will charge our laptop three times on its own.

Jackery sitting on cooler in RV next to driver with dog sitting nearbyWhen you are living outdoors, relaxation is important. We want to be able to sit in comfort and gaze off into the unknown. So don’t skimp on camping chairs. You can find cheap ones, but when you have one place you will be sitting, splurge a little. We wanted durable chairs that also stored well. We ended up going with a set of Colemans that we found. They have cellphone storage, a little pouch for snacks, and two large cup holders.

Nothing better than a good night’s sleep in our book. While living in our house we were constantly trying to find a mattress that we both liked. Luckily we have been a lot happier in our RV when it comes to that. We scored an RV mattress that fits perfectly and couldn’t be more pleased with it. It has a soft and a firm side. Our favorite feature, though, is the gel cooling. Since we chase summer around the country, this has been great to have. Similar to the camping chairs, I wouldn’t skimp in this area. Get what you need to have a solid night’s sleep. It makes those drive days less stressful.

One thing that we use more than we thought we would is our mini fan. We have one that was actually built to be a desk fan in an office setting. But it is super quiet and we forget it is on most of the time. Living in a small space, it is nice to keep the air circulating. The A/C works great in our RV, luckily, but it is loud and we don’t like running it all the time.

Minifan on table in front of blinds on windowAshley couldn’t make it through the day without her coffee, so we knew we wanted a great cup of joe in the mornings. It was tough to get rid of our Keurig but it was too bulky and used up a lot of energy. We ended up going a different route and are very pleased with our decision. We switched to a pour-over coffee approach. It is a little more time-consuming but makes a quality cup to get you going in the mornings. Our electric kettle is nice because there are different temperature settings for different types of drinks as well.

Not all of these products are fun to use but it would definitely be less fun without this next one. The RhinoFLEX RV waste kit is a must-have. Those trips to the dump station can be dreadful at times, but having this has made it more bearable. When hooked up at a site, it is flexible and easy to get things flowing properly. It also is an airtight seal, which you will be very grateful you have at some dump stations. It stores well in the bumper of most RVs and doesn’t feel flimsy.

The most discussed topic before hitting the road was internet. We needed to make sure that we had adequate service to get work done. There are a lot of fancy setups, but we wanted something simple and easy to install. We looked into our RV’s setup and it had an existing wire routed for cable hookup at campsites. After taking that out, it was easy to get a new wire in its place. We went with a highly recommended product that we have been stoked about since adding. Our weBoost has been worth every penny so far. It allows us to get at least one extra bar of service on our devices, but usually two or three extra bars. We have traveled all over the West Coast this summer and only went without internet once while deep in the mountains during a severe thunderstorm.

Weboost on table with other decorations in RV

Start thinking about what you need and what your day to day is going to look like if you are planning on hitting the road. Take your time and make sure you are comfortable because it will make life on the road that much more enjoyable.






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