10 More Years of Dinghy Guides Available

Exciting news for motorhome owners who want to flat-tow an older-model dinghy vehicle. All of MotorHome Magazine’s dinghy towing guides are available online!

Our annual guides to dinghy towing are now available for 1990-1999 model-year automobiles, trucks and SUVs. That means you can download all of MotorHome’s dinghy guides for the past 29 years. And the best part is … they’re FREE!

MotorHome Dinghy Guide 1999MotorHome Dinghy Guide 1998MotorHome Dinghy Guide 1997MotorHome Dinghy Guide 1996MotorHome Dinghy Guide 1995MotorHome Dinghy Guide 1994MotorHome Dinghy Guide 1993MotorHome Dinghy Guide 1992MotorHome Dinghy Guide 1991

MotorHome Dinghy Guide 1990Whether you already own a vehicle or are thinking about buying one for dinghy towing, find out if yours is towable behind a motorhome with our annual guide to dinghy towing. The detailed listings include weights and measures, fuel economy, MSRPs, special towing instructions and more.

MotorHome’s 2019 Guide to Dinghy Towing will be published with our April 2019 magazine, but in the meantime, we’ll be posting sneak peeks of what’s new to come for 2019 here on our site. And if you’re new to recreational towing, check out our Dinghy Towing page to learn more.



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