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photo of crumpled dinghy tow bar behind class A motorhome

Safe Dinghy Towing: Getting It All In Line

The right equipment, proper hitching practices and regular inspection ensure safe dinghy towing We all like to think about RVing as a pleasant experience, one...
SeaSucker’s Waste Band

SeaSucker’s Waste Band: Simple Solution for the Garbage Conundrum

Plastic waste bags are a convenient way for motorhome owners to contain and dispose of garbage, but they can be difficult to access when...
KING Extend LTE/cell signal booster

KING Extend Signals Better Cell Reception

  Part of the allure of the motorhome lifestyle is to get away from it all, but that can also mean “getting away” from reliable...
DIY paper towel holder for motorhome

Motorhome Quick Tip: Paper Towel Bar

  If necessity is the mother of invention, I’m sure the inventor owns a motorhome. Due to limited wall- and counterspace, there isn’t a good...
Animated Gif image of windshield wipers gone wonky

RV Tech Savvy: Wonky Windshield Wipers

  I have a 2015 Thor Challenger 37 GT with 22,000 miles on the odometer. On a trip to the Southwest, our windshield wipers went...