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About MotorHome Magazine
MotorHome magazine has been in publication since 1968 and has always followed the motto of “Recreation in Motion.”

MotorHome’s parent company, Good Sam Media & Events, states as its mission to “strive to be a positive, enthusiastic force for growth in the outdoor recreation marketplace. We provide our entire North American audience with the information, insights and resources necessary to enhance their recreational experiences and follow their dreams. And we help them build the communities that promote and protect their fun and adventurous lifestyles.”

About our Readers
MotorHome magazine has an average circulation of more than 165,000 subscribers each month. Our readers are the most affluent enthusiasts in the RV market, and they like to spend their money. The typical reader of MotorHome is a retired male homeowner with a household income of $105,957 and a net worth of more than $737,530.

One in three readers have made an RV-related purchase online in the past year.

The readers of MotorHome spend more than 8.3 million days and more than $800,000,000 on the road every year! boasts an average of 280,000 pageviews from 112,000 unique users each month. Because of the niche market, the click-through rate for ads is higher than the Internet average.

Advertising Opportunities
MotorHome magazine prints 12 issues per year and, in combination with, offers a variety of print and multi-media advertising opportunities. Print advertising opportunities range from cover-spreads to 1/6-page black and white ads. Our website,, offers a multitude of rich-media opportunities including streaming video and interactive advertising.

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