On a clear night, head outside and look up at the stars to see views that rival the famous Zion daytime scenery.
Motorhomes taller than 11 feet 3 inches and wider than 7 feet 9 inches will need a $15 permit to travel through the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway tunnel, and can only drive this section of roadway during limited hours. Vehicles taller than 13 feet 1 inch are not permitted in the tunnel.


Roadmaster FitMaster app

Roadmaster App

The new FitMaster app answers one of the most common questions among motorhome owners — “What equipment do I need to tow a dinghy...
Furrion Cooktop

RV Galley Gear

Furrion’s dual-burner induction cooktop delivers maximum performance and efficiency in your motorhome’s kitchen. Now you can cook like a pro in your motorhome. Furrion’s induction...
50 inch Furrion RV TV

Upgrade Your RV’s TV

Furrion’s 50-inch LED takes movie night to new heights. Watching TV in your motorhome has become a true theater-like experience. Furrion’s new 50-inch UHD TV...