Q & A: Dinghy Towing

Q. Where can we get information on what vehicles are approved by their
manufacturer for towing behind a motorhome (dinghy towing)?


A. Franchised
dealers should have this information on their current model-year vehicles. MotorHome
magazine publishes an annual Dinghy Towing Guide. Several years’ data is available here on
our Web site, as well as information on ordering copies of our older guides. Click here: www.motorhomemagazine.com/dinghytowingguide/index.cfm. 


  1. I am just looking for a list of Autos / Suv’s etc that can be towed 4-wheels down behind a motor home. Let me decide what type want kind I want or how I want to use it. Don’t run on about a list of autos on the page and not give the location of the list. Make it simple for RV users. Make it easier… Just give us a good list of autos that are 4-wheel down towable.


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