[7] Wiring for powered shades can be tucked inside the valance.
[4] Cable ties are often used to keep the Learning Keys from hanging below the valance. [5] Clearview Solar Screen fabric day shades can easily be seen through from the interior yet still provide privacy. [6] Sway shades offer full coverage of raked cockpit windows.
[11] The new 15-channel remote (left) is smaller than the 14-channel unit (right) and has an LCD display. [12] The faceplate of the remote is removed to change the batteries.


King Combi step ladder

King Kombo

Considering the limited storage space in a motorhome, a conventional ladder may seem like a luxury item. But when that one item can perform...
ENSEN JWM45 Two-zone Stereo

JENSEN JWM45 Two-zone Stereo is Twice as Nice

Music is an important part of the motorhome lifestyle, inside and out of the coach. ASA Electronics now offers the JENSEN JWM45 Two-zone Stereo....

Dometic PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery

Perfect for off-grid camping, the Dometic PLB40 lithium battery was designed to run 12-volt DC appliances — specifically, Dometic’s line of CFX mobile compressor...
Photo of Oru folding kayak

Origami On the Water

Looking to ply the waters but don’t have the space to store a traditional kayak? Oru has launched its first tandem folding kayak, the...
Photo of 30 amp Power Watchdog RV surge protector

Smart Surge Protector Reports RV Power to Your Phone

Hughes Autoformers’ Power Watchdog EPO (Emergency Power Off) combines Bluetooth technology with the automatic shut off and re-start of an energy management system, offering...