Riding on Air from Source Engineering

Consisting of new proprietary Firestone air bags and custom Bilstein shocks engineered specifically for this kit, the REK-202 also incorporates a reserve ping tank and 5⁄8-inch air lines in the front suspension. According to the company, the Firestone air bags have more travel than the original bags, while the larger air lines and ping tank provide more air volume for the front suspension. This in turn softens the ride without compromising handling.

Tech Feature Source Eng Air Ride suspension Slide HIt should be noted here that, while you can install the Source Engineering TRA-1003 trailing arms and retain the stock air bag suspension, Source Engineering will not sell the Ride Enhancement Kit unless the original defective trailing arms have been replaced with the TRA-1003 trailing arms; this is because of concerns over liability.

As with the TRA-1003 trailing arm kit installation, we photographed the Ride Enhancement Kit installation at Redlands Truck and RV in Redlands, Calif., an authorized Source Engineering dealer. We were given the opportunity to drive the coach with the stock suspension in place first, then give it another try after the kit was installed so we could experience the difference. Download the Tech Feature Source Eng Air Ride suspension PDF for detailed photos.


  1. Wehave a 2003 coachman motorhome. It has Hickory springs automatic electronic steps. we need a gear kit for these steps. do you know anywhere we can get one? Please let us know ASAP because our step have stoppe working. Thank You, Mrs. Gibson


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