Predeparture Checklists

Predeparture checklists are a must for serious RVers. Its all too easy to get distracted while preparing to leave on a motorhome road trip, and a checklist will help keep you and your rig safe, making your trip more enjoyable and protecting your investment. A good checklist should contain the following:

    •    Pack up/put away: patio chairs and table, patio mat, portable grill
    •    Clear away and dump all trash and recyclables
    •    Awnings: close and lock the main awning, roll up all other awnings
    •    Close and lock exterior compartment doors
    •    Make sure entry steps are in, entry door is closed and deadbolt locked
    •    Lower TV antenna and lock
    •    Visually check that all leveling jacks are up

    •    Bring in and lock all slideouts – be sure to clear the floor and check for obstructions first
    •    Secure pots, pans, dishes inside cupboards, and close and secure cupboard doors and drawers
    •    Secure knickknacks
    •    Store countertop appliances
    •    Close windows and overhead vents
    •    Secure window coverings
    •    Secure all doors: closet, lav, refrigerator, storage cupboards, shower, etc.


    •    Fill freshwater if needed
    •    Turn off water pump, water heater and furnace
    •    Drain black-, then gray-water tanks
    •    Disconnect sewer hose and store it
    •    Add gallon of water and chemical to black-water tank
    •    Disconnect remaining hookups
    •    Check the following: weight distribution, fluid levels, tire pressures, tow bar hookup, mirrors, dash gauges
    •    If dinghy towing: check tow connection, dinghy’s transmission selector, parking brake, regular brakes, ignition switch position, taillights

Do a final walk around the campsite to check for missed belongings, etc. Do a final walk around your rig; check all lights. Do a final interior walk through. Use the buddy system; having your travel partner go through the checklist after you will help ensure that you don’t miss a thing.



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