3-in-1 Cleaner

August 6, 2013

Walex Products has added another product to its RV lineup with Green Hornet, an industrial strength cleaner and degreaser that combines rubber roof cleaner, awning cleaner and black streak remover in one bottle. The powerful ingredients of Green Hornet allow for the product to be diluted for numerous... Read more »

Simplistic Sweeper: A lightweight and inexpensive sweeper makes interior cleanup a breeze

Kevin Livingston
July 18, 2013

One thing almost all motorhome  owners can agree on is the need for interior cleanliness. Carpets and floors have a tendency to quickly accumulate dust, debris and allergy invaders of all kinds, especially for more active RVers. Oneof the best ways to help cut down the accumulation of crud is to keep... Read more »

Waxing Made Easy

Bob Livingston , Publisher
May 8, 2013

Keeping the exterior of a motorhome clean and waxed is a never-ending process. Many of us store our rigs outside, subjecting the exterior to harsh elements including dirt, soot, bird droppings and hours of intense sunshine. Every time I get ready to wash and wax a motorhome I think about that famous... Read more »

Prolonged Surface Protection

Laura Michaels, Managing Editor
May 6, 2013

A new formula from Prolong Super Lubricants aims to protect and add shine to motorhomes, inside and out.  Prolong’s Super Protectant is an instant detailer that is said to be safe for leather, rubber and vinyl, adding shine and protecting surfaces from cracking in hot or cold weather conditions. The... Read more »

KleerVu Anti-Fog Cleaner

KleerVu Cleaning Kit

Laura Michaels
September 27, 2012

A foggy windshield not only obstructs the sightings of striking landscape vistas but also creates a potentially dangerous driving situation. Keep windshields, mirrors and other glass or plastic surfaces free of film with KleerVu’s Anti-Fog Cleaner. Safe on all glass, plastic and Lexan surfaces, this... Read more »

Quick ’n Brite All-Purpose Cleaner

Quick ’n Brite All-Purpose Cleaner

Bob Livingston
September 11, 2012

When it comes time to enlist products for cleaning inside and outside the motorhome, most of us have our favorites for specific jobs. For example, I’ve been using the same window cleaner for years, as well as a number of other products for various cleaning chores. In our rig, we devote an entire cabinet... Read more »

Love Bug Eraser Sponge: Goodbye Bugs

Bob Livingston
July 30, 2012

Summer brings the weather that makes us want to jump in the motorhome and head out on the open road. It also brings out all the bugs. Most motorhomes have flat windshields and large frontal areas that naturally collect copious amounts of squashed bugs. You know the routine: Get to camp; grab the bug... Read more »

Tested: Rain-X Cleaning and Treatment Products

Rain-X Cleaning products

March 29, 2010

Bad weather always makes driving more difficult; restricted vision through the windshield is a safety hazard and interior fogging can make motorhome drivers swear at the defrosters, which are often undersized for the expanse of glass. To the rescue is longtime automotive aftermarket supplier Rain-X,... Read more »

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