Phoenix Cruiser 2910T

Phoenix Exterior

Bruce Hampson
September 10, 2012

In the alphabet soup of motorhome designations, Class B-plus is easily the most misunderstood. These motor­homes are an outgrowth of a group of vehicles originally deemed “van conversions” — though that description is woefully inadequate for today’s crop of extraordinarily outfitted “killer... Read more »

2010 Phoenix Cruiser 2551S

2010 Phoenix Cruiser 2551S

February 1, 2010

Of the coaches we’ve reviewed over the years, those that most clearly stand out in our memory are the ones that were fun to drive and easy to use. The Phoenix Cruiser 2551S joins that list as a coach that’s sure to please anyone who enjoys traveling in comfort and style. The Tour  The Phoenix... Read more »

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