Power Up

article and photos by Bill and Jenn Gehr
August 21, 2014

  Converters are designed to provide 12-volt DC current and charge batteries — but not all are created equal   Power converters fall into the category of “out of sight, out of mind” — literally. In fact, some owners may not even know where the converter is located in their RV. Compact... Read more »

Easy Tire Inflation

April 29, 2014

  The 2Way Air central inflation system by Rock Smasher Engineering allows simultaneous inflation/deflation of all tires on the motorhome and/or dinghy vehicle via a patent-pending manifold and valve system. The core components consist of 3/8-inch polyurethane manifold tubing, which is routed to... Read more »

Upgrading An RV TV Mount

Once installed, the 46-inch LED TV fit nicely in its allocated space and snug up against the back wall.

Bill and Jenn Gehr
May 9, 2012

Whenever I walk into a motorhome,  I immediately look for the TV. Perhaps it’s an instinctual, “man cave” response, but the older I get, the smaller the screen becomes, leaving a strong desire to upgrade to a bigger TV. Our rig was outfitted with a 37-inch LCD TV from the factory, which seemed... Read more »

Easier RV Dump System

Barker Manufacturing SwingFree Deluxe Dump

Tom Kaiser
April 13, 2012

Barker Manufacturing has introduced a new SwingFree Deluxe Dump system designed to make hooking up and dumping black and gray water easier. According to the company, the SwingFree installs on most RVs and features a telescoping PVC drain that reaches up to 8 feet away; optional 24-inch extensions are... Read more »

National RV Trade Show Reveals Sleek New Models

The Newmar Bay Star.

Bob Ashley
April 2, 2012

People looking to get into the RV lifestyle  with a small motorhome or others who want luxury living and as much space as possible — and pretty much anybody in between — can have their pick from the array of 2012 and 2013 motor­homes that were on display during the 49th Annual National RV Trade... Read more »

Banks Powerpack Diesel Tuner Test

Ken Freund
March 28, 2012

Many people buy motor­homes and then after driving them for a while, decide they’d like more power for accelerating onto highways, passing and climbing long grades. This is particularly true of entry-level and mid-priced diesel coaches, which often have sufficient power to get down the road, but add... Read more »

Battery Maintenance Multiplied with QuadLink Charge Splitter


Amanda Lepinski
March 21, 2012

Billed as a technological breakthrough in battery maintenance, the QuadLink’s charge splitter turns any brand’s battery charger into a four-station distribution station. The new device automatically splits and distributes the output of the charger into 10-minute sequencing segments. This allows multiple... Read more »

Seal it Up: Replacing an RV Toilet

Bill and Jenn Gehr
March 15, 2012

RV enthusiasts get great satisfaction in having all the creature comforts of home — until something pops up, like a toilet that’s no longer holding water and is creating unpleasant odors inside the trailer. Replacing the waste ball or blade seal will usually put that smile back on their faces. Some... Read more »

Xantrex Freedom SW Inverter/Charger Delivers Plenty of Power

Xantrex Freedome SW Inverter/Charger

Amanda Lepinski
March 6, 2012

Xantrex’s second-generation Freedom SW inverter/charger, rated at 2,000 watts, has been redesigned to include many features from its higher-power counterpart. The new iteration now offers stacking capability, allowing two units to work in tandem and produce rated current and charging output, allowing... Read more »

Hands On: Awning Armor

Awning Pro-Tech Kit for RVs

October 12, 2011

One of the most commonly sought after and used RV accessories is the patio awning. Like many other motorhome appendages, required service and regular maintenance procedures keep these accessories working without failure. In the case of awnings, this usually means fully opening it, followed by a thorough... Read more »

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